Отель Lanka Supercorals

Хиккадува известна среди туристов своими природными достопремечательностями: широкие, чистые пляжи, коралловые рифы, океан с кристально чистой водой и жаркое солнце – это лишь несколько. Многие туристы приезжают в хиккадуву из-за водных видов спорта: сёрфинг, подводное плавание, скуба-дайвинг, кайтсерфинг, виндсёрфинг.

Хиккадува расположена около 100 км от международного аэропорта Бандарнайке. Отель Lanka Supercorals идеально расположен в Хиккадуве на Юго-Западном побережье Шри-Ланки в максимальной доступности к всемирно известному морскому заповеднику с экзотической коралловой системой.

------- Journey Around Hikkaduwa-------

  • Подводный мир Хиккадува

    Hikkaduwa is known as one of the best tourist destinations and also known as the second largest surfing destination in Srilanka, the most beautiful corals could also be spotted while surfing here, hikkaduwa coral reef is a typical shallow fringing reef with and average depth of 5 meters. This extraordinary piece of fantasy Is not far than 10 meters from the Hotel.

  • Речное сафари по реке Маду Ганга

    30min drive from Hotel, Madu ganga also known as the Madu River is one of the natures fascinating creations towards the off South West coast in Balapitiya. The Madu Ganga lagoon consists of hundreds of islands providing an idyllic setting for a well spent holiday and loads of authentic traditional settings. Upon completion you could also visit the mask factory in ambalangoda, which is a factroy where traditional devil faced masks are being designed and manufactured.

  • Порт Галле

    30min drive from Hotel, Galle fort which is situated in the Bay of Galle on the south coast of Sri Lanka, which was built in 1588 by the Portuguese, then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards.

  • Каннелия

    90min drive from Hotel,Kanneliya – Dediyagala – Nakiyadeniya is the last remaining large forest complex in Sri Lanka after Sinharaja. The forest complex is situated 35 Kilometers northwest of the city of Galle, two main rivers which is GIN & NILWALA run thru the forest complex. The most endemic animals and Fauna is suspected to have being growing or living in the Forest Complex of Kanneliya, you could also view the neatly cut tea plantations.

  • Дождевой лес Синхараджа

    90min drive from Hotel, The hilly virgin rainforest Sinharaja is also known as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO, The reserve's name translates as Kingdom of the Lion. The reserve is only 21 km (13 mi) from east to west, and a maximum of 7 km (4.3 mi) from north to south, it is a treasure trove of endemic species, including trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

  • Наблюдение за китами

    90min drive from Hotel, Whale and Dolphin watching in Mirissa is supposed to be one of the most exciting water activities in Sri Lanka. As the warm waters welcome you to the shore you could sit and experience a whole lot of fun viewing the Blue Whales,Sperm Whales,Fin Whales and so on and if you are lucky you would be able to glance at the flying fish and sea turtles, upon completion you could experience the Stilt fisher man in Mirissa, this is not the ordinary fishing technique this was used in old ancient days, this method is practiced over 500 fishing families in Galle.

  • Национальный парк Яла

    4hrs drive from Hotel, The Second Large National park which consists of 05 blocks in Sri Lanka is the Yala National Park, the blocks are named individually, the Yala National; Park covers a 979 Kilometers , the park is located about 300 Kilometers from Colombo.

  • Город драгоценных камней Ратнапура

    4hrs drive from Hotel, Ratnapura which is also known as the “CITY OF GEMS” is one of the Major Cities in Sri Lanka and the capitol city of Sabaragamuwa Province. Ratnapura was named the “ CITY OF GEMS” because of its naturally gifted beautiful Gems around the magnificent city.